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This may be the best retail investment

Cars left outside represent a very high expense, but with the product we present to you today we avoid these losses. It is the best retail investment.

We design many retail solutions at Carttec, ranging from access control barriers to security systems, as well as trolley islets and shelters, which are the focus of this article.


What is the best retail investment?

As we were saying, supermarket trolleys stored outside the premises represent considerable losses. There are several reasons for this:

  • Because they are outdoors
  • Because there is no place to bring them together
  • Because customers have nowhere to leave them

The problems this poses are as follows:

  • The time workers need to spend collecting trolleys is increasing
  • More time on this task means less time on other more important tasks
  • The service life of the trolleys is shorter, which translates into higher economic costs
  • Exposure to burglary is higher, contributing to higher costs
  • Security is reduced in the shopping area itself, as trolleys without a place to leave them can hinder the traffic of people and vehicles

How do we solve all this? Is it possible to achieve this through a single product?


Trolley islets and shelters: the most durable investment

Indeed, trolley islets and shelters are the Carttec products that solve the above problems.

We have 3 types of structures for storage, sorting and for making shopping trolleys accessible to customers. It is their features which make these elements the best retail investment:

  1. CoverCart: made of carbon steel with epoxy polyester paint, and polycarbonate side panels and roof, this islet is perfect for protecting trolleys and customers from the weather.
  2. LandCart and LandCart BD: these islets are also made of carbon steel with epoxy polyester paint. Their barriers and handrails are made of galvanised carbon steel. Roofs and side panels are made of cellular polycarbonate. Their function is the same as CoverCart.
  3. ParkingTec and ParkingTec L: made of galvanised steel, with or without a partition, these displays are perfect for keeping trolleys tidy.


Personalise these products

We know that a company’s corporate identity is very important. It is the way it is recognised by customers, and it is what differentiates it within its sector. 

At Carttec we offer you the possibility to customise your trolley islets and shelters to match the identity of your business and really make the best investment in retail.