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Do you know colour theory and how it affects your brand image?

Colours are stimuli that may be consciously overlooked, but in reality more information reaches the brain visually than aurally. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ colour for your brand, however, there are colours that are not recommended for certain business activities — funny, isn’t it? This is known as colour theory.

The first thing to know is the two groups of colours that exist. On the one hand, warm colours such as yellow, orange, red and green are those that transmit joy, passion, creativity and energy — and on the other, cool colours such as blue, purple, white and black provide a sense of professionalism, cleanliness and calm.

At Carttec we know the importance of choosing the right colour to build your corporate identity and, of course, all the other elements: your logo, website, communications, and so on. But the element of your business that will indirectly strengthen your brand identity and brand recall, and therefore needs to be personalised, is undoubtedly your shopping trolleys.

Let’s look at an example of colour theory with our JuliusTEC

Carttec identifies with the colour blue, a colour that reflects calm, seriousness, confidence and strength. When we decided to take JuliusTEC to Euroshop, the world’s leading trade fair for commercial equipment, we could have made it in any colour, but by making it blue we reinforced the brand presence and brand recall.

Supermarket trolleys are essential components of shops, beyond their own use — they are a key element of an establishment when it comes to reinforcing its brand identity. At Carttec you can personalise them right down to the handles, with your logo always visible and near your customers’ hands to reinforce their trust in your brand.

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