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Airport tracking: real-time information for real-time action

When we go on holiday, of course we want everything to go smoothly. We just want the actual travel to be relaxing, comfortable and with no surprises. Carttec works to ensure that airports can track everything they need to track to provide the service passengers expect.

Air travel has ballooned over recent years. Not long ago, an airport might have had a handful of international flights at most. But today, even smaller airports have flights within Spain, to Europe and beyond.

That means that there are more and more passengers to look after, who need more planes, more facilities and more services. More comfort and more safety for all of them.  That’s where Carttec can be part of the solution. Here’s how.

Airport tracking has a name: Horustec Airport

The growth in routes, flights, airlines and passengers means that airports have an ever greater need to track people and items in terms of security, infrastructure and management. Carttec has developed a real-time information, monitoring and management system for airport trolleys called Horustec Airport. It makes life much simpler, more convenient and tidier.

What does Hourstec Airport offer? Trolley counts, location alerts, maintenance record searches… Those are some of the most important things the system can do. There’s no going back once you’ve experienced the benefits of total inventory management and tracking of all trolleys in real time.

Why does it matter so much that Horustec Airport provides real-time information? Because airports work in real time, passengers move through airports in real time and they need trolleys in real time. Knowing where your trolleys are and how many are in use at any time means you can respond to flows through the airport – in real time.

Real-time information is displayed to maintenance staff who can take any action required. Information can be displayed on hand-held devices for full visibility on the ground of the status of your trolley fleet at every moment.

It is as simple as that. Hourstec airport means a more smoothly running airport.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.