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Julius Cartson introduces JuliusTEC

The autonomous shopping cart that assists customers during the shopping process.

This new supermarket trolley has been designed and developed by CarttecLAB, Carttec’s R&D&I department.

Juliustec is a smart trolley, capable of following customers during their journey through the supermarket, avoiding both physical obstacles and people who may cross their path.

This supermarket trolley makes shopping effortless for people with limited mobility. We all know that the customer’s circumstances influence their shopping experience and therefore require a trolley that adapts to them.

Juliustec is not intended to replace the entire trolley fleet in the shop. Only a few units are needed to serve a very specific target group. The advantages for retailers, with little investment, are clear. They convey values to their  customers such as the interest in people and the desire to make shopping easier for them. Carttec has more products in this range, for example, the Ecocart E180. The first 100% environmentally friendly trolley with all the features of a plastic trolley that is made entirely from recycled and recyclable plastic.