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The alliance between MC and Carttec to combat theft in its sales areas in Portugal

MC, renowned company and part of the Sonae group, has entrusted Carttec, a company specialising in commercial equipment and technology in various sectors, with the task of combat theft, strengthening the security and well-being of its customers and employees.

Last year, around 452 reports of shoplifting in supermarkets in Portugal were registered.

In our alliance with MC, we want to highlight and emphasise the importance of working together to provide our retail security systems for your supermarkets and hypermarkets. In this way we reinforce the safety of both your clients and your workers.

How can these systems combat theft?

The CartControl system creates an invisible barrier that locks and immobilises trolleys to prevent theft and ensures that they never leave the sales area thanks to its smart wheel, or SmartWheel.

This system is present in 17 of its supermarkets and hypermarkets, guaranteeing continuous security and efficiency.

Some of the most important shopping areas are:

  • Vasco de Gama, the busiest shopping area in Portugal
  • Continente Matosinhos, the largest supermarket in Portugal.

MC is a leader in the food retail sector in Portugal with several business formats:

  • Food retailer: Continente, Continente Modelo, Continente Bom Dia, Continente Online, Meu Super
  • Health, well-being and beauty: Wells, Arenal, Go Natural
  • Other growing complementary businesses: Bagga, note!, ZU

They now have effective and reliable systems to combat theft in their establishments.


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