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Well-protected trolleys, more satisfied customers

Good quality shopping trolleys which are also in good condition are essential for users to enjoy a good shopping experience.

The purchase of shopping trolleys is a major investment for the retailer and the maintenance and cleaning of these trolleys are key factors in achieving their proper amortisation. On the other hand, accessibility for the consumer actively contributes to improving their shopping experience, which will result in increased sales.

In order for shopping trolleys to be in optimal condition in outdoor parking, they need to be properly stored in shelters and shelters that are designed to withstand all types of inclement weather.

For this type of product, Carttec has two ranges, CoverCart and LandCart. In both cases, the structures are made of carbon steel and the coating is made of polyester epoxy, which allows a choice of different colours and gives the possibility of personalisation with the shop’s brand, which helps to reinforce its image.

In terms of sizes, CoverCart in its most standard version can hold two rows of shopping carts, but is also available in other formats of up to four rows. In the case of LandCart, up to three rows are possible, this model also offers the possibility of a single row for the storage of shopping trolleys.

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