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Julius Cartson introduces JuliusCART

Julius Cartson goes to his favourite shop once again for a new episode to introduce JuliusCart, the supermarket trolley with assisted driving.

JuliusCart is the new range of supermarket trolleys developed by our R+D+i team to simplify the shopping process by means of trolleys that minimise the user’s effort through assisted driving.

Carttec’s innovative trolley provides the user with motor assistance during use, allowing smooth and effortless driving, even when transporting heavy products. In addition, it is a totally safe shopping trolley as it is equipped with sensors for obstacle detection to prevent possible accidents.

JuliusTec is another Carttec innovation, which, like JuliusCart, improves the customer’s shopping experience, in this case by accompanying them fully autonomously through the shop.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.