Land Cart

REF. R60026 – 1 Row
REF. R60027 – 2 Rows
REF. R60044 – 3 Rows

Standard dimensions: 4260 x 2360 x H2540 mm

3-row parking bay

Estructure: 30 x 40 mm

Upper rear bar: 30 x 40 mm

Middle bar: 30 x 40 mm

Low bar: Ø 60 mm

Handrail: Ø 40 mm

Upper front crossbar: 30 x 30 mm

Thickness: 2 mm

Structure material: Carbon steel structure with epoxy polyester paint

Panels material: 8 mm cell polycarbonate side and roof panels

Handrail material: Galvanised carbon steel

Rear bars material: Galvanised carbon steel

Customizable product with multiple colors available