You are currently viewing The solution for workplace accidents in the logistics sector, Crash Stopper from Carttec.

The solution for workplace accidents in the logistics sector, Crash Stopper from Carttec.

The digital magazine “Cadena de Suministros” recently published an interesting analysis of workplace accidents in the transport and logistics sector in Spain during the first two months of 2022. According to the data provided by the magazine, accidents with sick leave in this sector have increased by 2.14% in comparison with the first two months of 2021.

According to the aforementioned magazine, the statistics by professional groups indicate that in January and February there were a total of 6,700accidents at work among drivers and mobile machinery operators, 2.38% more than a year ago.

True to its ongoing commitment to definitively solve this worrying problem, which shows a clear upward trend, Carttec, through its R&D&I laboratory Cartteclab, has developed and just launched on the market Crash Stopper: the anti-collision safety system for warehouse and industrial vehicles, which provides a highly effective solution to prevent this type of accident.

Crash Stopper is based on the latest ultra-wideband technology, UWB, and works by location, both of vehicles and of people moving through the physical space of the warehouse or factory.

The system consists of the installation of beacons on all types of forklift trucks, electric or combustion, and TAGS locators for pedestrian staff, which can be easily worn as bracelets or anklets without interfering with their work.

Beacons and TAGS detect each other with an accuracy of 10 cm, making it virtually impossible for people or machines to collide with each other.

The system configures three alarms that behave differently in each case:

  • Pre-alarm: This is the longest interaction distance, involving only the vibration of the pedestrian wristband.
  • Alarm: This is the intermediate distance. In this situation, the bracelet continues to vibrate and the forklift beacon also acts, activating both the forklift brake and the siren with light.
  • NO alarm: This is the closest distance between beacons and TAGS, so that workers can consciously move around and get closer to interact with each other. In this case, all alarms are cancelled.

As a result, Crash Stopper becomes the best ally against workplace accidents, in a specific sector where accidents are becoming a part of daily activity.