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New Cash&Carry catalogue

Carttec has recently published a new catalogue of trolleys for Cash&Carry, which is not just for Horeca establishments, but also includes the entire range of trolleys manufactured by Carttec for warehouses, roll containers, replenishment, E-commerce, DIY and gardening.

First of all, most noteworthy are the platform trolleys, which, despite their large load capacity (500 kg), allow for great manoeuvrability thanks to their central wheels. These trolleys are constructed with sturdy steel and an electrolytic zinc coating, built to last under optimum conditions with a heavy workload.

The range of trolleys, aimed at retail outlets specialising in DIY and Gardening, support up to 200 kg of weight and their 125 mm diameter wheels are suitable for all types of flooring for a smooth and pleasant shopping experience. From this range we’d like to highlight both the F150, built entirely in plastic with platform and upper basket, and the C180, a trolley for DIY and gardening made of steel, with a load volume of 180 L, and a nesting distance of only 230 mm, which makes it a very compact trolley when space for shop trolleys is limited.

In this Carttec catalogue we couldn’t leave out the metal containers, stackable and with 760 L and 1,000 L volume. Perfect for storage as well as for the arrangement on the sales area.

Of the roll containers, we’d like to highlight the Carttainer range, with volumes of up to 980 L and options to cover and protect the load, or only with shelves or protective barriers. Rolls are ideal for moving large volumes of goods inside the warehouse or transferring them to the sales area.

Finally, we present our storage and replenishment trolleys. Foremost among these is the Ecommerce, with a load capacity of 890 kg and a volume of 850 L, a centre wheel to guarantee manoeuvrability with heavy loads, and it includes a ladder to facilitate the operator’s work. Let’s not forget the R300 range, a very light trolley with a volume of 300 L, or the G300 range of trolleys, made of steel and with 2 middle wooden shelves, ideal for holding bulky and delicate items.

In short, a wide range of trolleys to cover all logistical needs and to transport products effortlessly and place them in an orderly and safe manner, whether in the warehouse or sales area.

As you would expect, at Carttec we continue innovating, and we are developing, along with the University of Salamanca, the first motorised platform trolleys that will provide the user with motor assistance during its use, enabling smooth and effortless handling.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.