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Celebrating aviation day with Carttec

Aviation Day invites us to reflect on the developments that have transformed the way we move around the world.

One of the most common aspects of the travel experience is the myths and urban legends that circulate everywhere. Concerns about the impact on the flight experience, such as turbulences, are very frequent. 

Today, we will dispel doubts about some of these often misconceptions and highlight some very positive ones, such as aluminium airport trolleys and other materials from Carttec, which contribute to a more pleasant and efficient travel experience.


Myth 1: Waiting times are uncomfortable and tedious

The reality is that modern airports are equipped with all kinds of amenities and services that make waiting times much more pleasant than you might think. Another matter is the queues at baggage check-in, but that’s another story, and the only way to deal with them is through excellent management on the part of the airport.

Airports whose common areas are equipped with our benches help to make waiting times much more bearable. These seats have been ergonomically designed to provide travellers with a comfortable and relaxing place to sit, significantly enhancing the waiting experience.


Myth 2: Duty free trolleys are difficult to manoeuvre

Another myth is that duty free trolleys are difficult to manoeuvre and are poorly controlled in crowded spaces:

  • Carttec’s duty free trolleys, however, are designed to be easily  and smoothly moved around. 
  • This dismantles another of these urban legends, the belief that these trolleys are uncomfortable to steer around. 
  • With Carttec’s duty free trolleys, airport shops offer a smooth and seamless shopping experience in their retail spaces. 


Myth 3: The stay at the airport is hostile and stressful

Unless we are so pressed for time that we have to rush through the airport corridors to reach our flight, the myth of stress and inconvenience on the ground during our travel experience is now obsolete.

Airports are equipped with different types of trolleys to facilitate the transport of luggage and shopping for travellers, common areas are equipped with comfortable seats and services aimed at making waiting time more entertaining. More and more things contribute to the well-being of the traveller and, if the equipment is from Carttec, there is an added bonus of comfort and efficiency. 


On Aviation Day, we celebrate the progress of this powerful industry, the technological advances on the ground and in the air, the increasingly high level of crew training, the comfort we can enjoy on our journeys, thanks to Carttec trolleys and benches, among many other things, leaving behind the myths of the past, although if we are talking about turbulence…, there is little we can do except fasten our seat belts.