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Smart Picking: automation and precision

Optimising order picking accurately and cost-effectively is possible thanks to Smart Picking. This system, presented at Euroshop 2023, has been developed to improve the day-to-day running of your company.

At Carttec we are pioneers in retail security systems, as demonstrated by the success of the Crash Stopper at the world’s most important retail equipment trade fair.

Today, we’d like to talk about our new tool to make your work easier.

Smart Picking: preventing errors and simplifying the process

“Picking” is our term for the preparation of the products in an order.

The key features of picking are:

  • It always precedes packing. 
  • It involves movement and travel
  • These trips require prior planning

Picking in the warehouse is a painstaking task. This process can be lengthy without the right tools, impacting on working times and costs. That’s why we at Carttec have designed the tool we’re talking about in this release.

What is it?

It’s a system with a very clear function: to make order preparation simple and accurate. In this way we can reduce possible errors.

What we have designed is a colour code of lights that can be configured as desired. It will thereby be clear to the worker where to place the products that correspond to each colour.

It is installed on a fully customisable warehouse trolley, adapted to the customer’s needs according to size and the number of simultaneous orders.

How does it work?

The first step is to equip the trolley with the right number of boxes according to the number of orders. The operator then chooses the products to organise each order according to the colour-coded lights.

To make it even more effective, this system has motion sensors that detect the exact position of the boxes, as well as the entry and exit of each product. Several orders may thereby be processed simultaneously.

In other words, Smart Picking is perfect for:

  • Optimising order picking
  • Managing a larger number of orders
  • Improving efficiency and productivity

What mistakes do we avoid?

Given the difficulty of picking, many errors can occur, resulting in wasted time and money.

  • Mixed-up orders
  • Incorrect labelling
  • Products out-of-stock
  • Inaccurate deliveries
  • Loss of stock
  • Items in the wrong area of the warehouse
  • Use of incorrect measurements
  • Problems with automation

With the retail systems we offer you at Carttec, we minimise these errors as much as possible, optimise your warehouse work and increase your profits.

Having a tool such as Smart Picking is essential to achieve a smooth and efficient working system.