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Now shopping is effortless with JuliusCART

JuliusCART was recently presented at Euroshop 2023, the No. 1 international trade fair for retail equipment solutions. But if you were unable to attend, don’t worry! Carttec is giving you a closer look, so that you can find out everything that this product can contribute to something as routine, and sometimes as difficult, as shopping. 

A trip to the supermarket is part of most people’s daily lives. We don’t pay much attention to it, as it’s an everyday activity, but when the items are piling up in the trolley, and it’s getting harder to push and control, we would all appreciate the help that JuliusCART offers, with its driving technology, to manoeuvre it perfectly and effortlessly. The heavier the trolley is, the easier it is to handle and the more pleasant the consumer experience.

On the other hand, when the trolley starts to increase in weight and becomes more and more difficult to push, our brain tells us “enough, it’s time to stop shopping and leave”. What does that mean? That’s right! At that point, the retailer has no further opportunity to sell us more items. Consumer effort is incompatible with increased sales and profit; this is a fact, and it is proven. Therefore, if you want to make a leap in quality and profitability as a supermarket, make this feature available to your customers. Now shopping is effortless with JuliusCART.

An effortless shopping experience with JuliusCART

Controlling a heavy shopping trolley is no easy task. The shopping process may be much slower, but that’s not the only issue. It can also have physical consequences for the customer, as they find themselves making an extra effort throughout their time in the shop. And JuliusCART doesn’t just bring effortless shopping. It is also extremely safe and secure for both the customer and the supermarket. When trolleys are difficult to steer, customers are bound to bang into things. That is a major risk for the customer, who may be injured, and for the shop which may be damaged in the process. This often results in damage to products and people, who will leave the shop with the bad memory of a disastrous shopping experience. 

CarttecLAB’s JuliusCART is there to take care of everything and everyone. We are working on making going to the supermarket a memorable experience.  

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