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L’ Alqueria del Basket & Carttec

L’ Alqueria del Basket in Valencia is an internationally renowned sports destination. Not only does it have the best and largest facility for basketball training in Europe but it is also a benchmark, as stated by such important figures in basketball as Gianmarco Pozzeco (former international player), Sito Alonso (Endesa league coach), Natalie Williams (NBA coach), Ainar Bagatskis (former coach of the Latvian national team) or Ana Suarez (international player), among others.

L’ Alqueria is not only a sports complex but much more. A strong work ethic is the basis of this project that aims to promote the sporting and human talent of young people through basketball. In just two years, it has become the best place to learn, grow, train, compete and enjoy this wonderful team sport.

At Carttec, we believe in team play, based on the effort and contribution of everyone involved. We encourage training, collaboration and equal opportunities as a necessary method to achieve success. Therefore, at Carttec, we are proud to collaborate in the development of this project.