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Airports can sometimes be a very hostile environment

According to Statista, the prestigious statistics portal for data, research and market studies, 24.1 million people passed through Madrid-Barajas airport in 2021.

If just 1% of that figure (241,000 people) spent more than 8 hours in terminals, it would come to a staggering total of 1,928,000 hours, with the majority of this time being uncomfortable and inconvenient for travellers. But, the reality is actually worse, as there are even more hours than that! And the only place available for resting is the seating, which is always scarce and often uncomfortable.

It is essential to provide seating that is perfectly adapted to the needs that arise at the airport, and to ensure it is properly maintained. In many cases this will be a definitive factor for how a user rates their experience.

Carttec offers aluminium alloy, stainless steel or polyurethane seats. We offer some that include integrated dividing bars between seats or even a table, so that the user has room to place their belongings, along with a reminder to not leave their things out of reach and to check the area before leaving to make sure they don’t forget anything.

We know that one of the most difficult decisions when choosing airport equipment is seating, and with our large range of options it is easy to make the right choice, so you can find the ideal seating to meet the needs of every possible situation.

Have you seen our airport equipment catalogue? If not, feel free to pay a visit to our website or get in touch with us for any information that may be of interest.

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