You are currently viewing JuliusCART, more than a trolley: a boost to sales by taking care of customer´s health

JuliusCART, more than a trolley: a boost to sales by taking care of customer´s health

Pushing trolleys loaded with heavy or bulky products has a negative impact on the amount of time the shopper spends in the sales area. When fatigue sets in and “dragging” the trolley through the shop becomes a huge effort, the tendency is to stop shopping, check out and leave. JuliusCART was created to make shopping an effortless experience, something that will benefit the retailer as consumers spend longer periods in-store, with consumers also benefiting from the greater attention to their physical well-being and healthcare.


A positive impact on the shopping experience

Increased shopper comfort translates into a more pleasant and relaxing shopping experience. Customers can browse the shop at their leisure and make purchases for as long as they like or is necessary, without the pressure of having to “wrestle” with an increasingly heavy trolley.


Less fatigue, more energy

Pushing conventional shopping trolleys can be physically demanding, especially for large purchases and for older people. JuliusCART changes the game by providing a motor aid during use. This means that shoppers can move around the shop without getting tired, creating a more pleasant and productive shopping experience.


Reduction of injuries and physical stress

Shopping-related injuries, such as sprains and strains, are far more common than you might think. The ergonomic design and motor-assist technology, significantly reduces the risk of shopping-related injuries by minimising the strain of handling a trolley. 


Investing in a healthy future

This system is not only an investment that ramps up sales, it is also an investment in shoppers’ comfort and long-term health. By reducing fatigue and stress, these trolleys contribute to consumers’ quality of life and encourage them to shop more regularly and without worry.


More sales, more comfort, less fatigue, less injuries; JuliusCART transforms the shopping experience into a positive one, helping consumers and making retailers’ businesses profitable.


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