At Carttec we have a wide range of warehouse trolleys and containers to make logistics work more efficient, comfortable, organised and easy. The best solutions for transporting products effortlessly and placing them neatly and safely, whether in the warehouse or on the sales floor.

A wide variety of trolleys to cover all logistic needs, from completely enclosed roll containers to avoid unknown losses, to roll containers with side doors to protect the most fragile products, to trolleys with different loading levels to better organise the goods. At Carttec we provide trolley options with four swivel castors or two fixed and two swivel castors. This range has different models that facilitate the transfer of very heavy or large products in the warehouse or for in-store replenishment, with security features so that only authorised personnel can access the products.

At Carttec, we also have high-strength containers which are stackable and have a load capacity of up to 1,000kg. They can be used not only in the warehouse but also on the sales floor.

At Carttec we have the equipment and personnel necessary to be able to design the trolley that best suits your needs.