At Carttec we offer intuitive and convenient access controls to provide the best welcome possible. From the classic mechanical access, to the efficient and flexible electronic photocell system, to the electronic radar system, the system with the most advanced design to safely and automatically regulate the entry of customers. In addition, we have the double barrier access to block restricted areas or the mechanical barrier to prohibit access to certain spaces.

Easy-to-install, low maintenance entry and exit access control. Your best allies for guiding customers.

Dividers and posts are designed to divide spaces, direct customers and organise and manage queues and zones. We have a wide range of room dividers, modular fixed barriers in chrome-plated steel and modern barriers in aluminium. Also, some barriers have an extendible belt that has a built-in braking system to reduce the speed of the belt when retracting. With these room dividers, managing queues, organising lines and separating zones will all be simple tasks.

With the pole system you can also highlight and improve the sale of specific products or generate branding by personalising the belts with your brand. At the same time that the area is being controlled, great visual impact is being generated. A great tool for advertising campaigns, thanks to its high visibility.