Horustec is a Carttec registered trademark that works as an indoor circulation management system, developed from a platform that integrates the latest generation of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology with multiple functions that make it an innovative tool, very useful for the health and social care sector and especially for nursing homes.

It has multiple functions that make it a very useful tool for health centres, nursing homes and hospitals.

It locates patients in real time, in the event that vulnerable people, such as patients with temporo-spatial alterations, may become disoriented in the premises or get lost. It allows monitoring of unwanted movements of patients or residents, sending warning signals to employees and generating automatic responses such as door locking or alarms. For the peace of mind of relatives and guardians, the system is highly effective and provides the security the patient needs.

In addition, it records the movements of healthcare personnel, guaranteeing compliance with visits to residents during the day. It also locates assets such as mobile equipment (mobilisation cranes, special beds, treatment or diagnostic equipment, etc.) that are constantly changing rooms or floors, determining their position or whether they are in use at that precise moment.Likewise, this system also allows the monitoring of asset movements, such as mobile ultrasound units, radiography… being able to be located immediately and in case of unauthorised movements, generating real-time alerts.