Nowadays, capacity control has become a first order necessity. Any public space is susceptible to crowds and must be controlled both for the peace of mind of the users who move around in these spaces and for the safety produced for the airport staff.

The capacity control cameras are placed above the enclosure entrances, and from there in a synchronous fashion, they count each person who enters the interior, subtracting those who leave. This device transmits the information to the screens placed outside, which indicate whether it is possible to enter or not according to the number of people registered up to that moment and taking into account the set capacity limitation.

The user clearly understands whether or not he/she is allowed to enter or not with a traffic light that appears on the screen: green, when the capacity is still less than that established in the event area and red when at full capacity and, therefore, he/she must wait to be able to enter. In addition, it emits an acoustic signal if someone enters when the enclosure is at full capacity.

In turn, it provides precise information on the number of people inside at that time and the number of people needed until the maximum permitted capacity is reached.

It can be installed to control different areas of the airport, such as restaurants, shopping areas, etc.