Carttec’s Wireless System offers a complete, invisible and fully coordinated system for maximum security. When the SmartWheels receive the locking signal when they reach the outer limit of the protected area, the trolley gradually stops, until it is completely immobilised thanks to the patented wheel specifically designed to work with the wireless and trolley containment system.

The system also features locking and unlocking antennas and a compact transmitter mounted on each door that transmits a wireless signal to allow operation of the outdoor wireless antennas. Each of them generates the locking and unlocking zones.

The Smart Wheel receives the signal from the wireless antennas, preventing the trolley from continuing to move through the blocked area.

The wireless antenna sends a digital signal which designates the operating area. When the trolley approaches this limit, the Smart Wheel receives the signal and locks, immobilising the trolley. Locked wheels are unlocked via the hand-held remote control or by simply pulling the trolley into an unrestricted area.