This intelligent management and control system from Carttec identifies attendees through the RFID signal, helping venue managers to know the influx of MICE visitors to the controlled areas of the event (stands, meeting rooms, conferences…).

1. RFID is a remote automatic identification system based on passive tags with RFID technology. These tags are very economical and small in size.

2. It identifies the attendees of the event and obtains relevant information about them such as their location, time spent in specific areas, routes…

3. RFID antennas are placed in the stand (or areas to be controlled) which automatically detect the RFID tag embedded in the user’s ID. The size of the antennae is small and their presence goes completely unnoticed.

4. Information such as the time spent by users at the stand and contact details of people who have spent a certain amount of time in the area can be obtained.