Socialtec is the new platform developed by CarttecLAB, which integrates the latest technology, both for the capacity control in any MICE events where crowds can occur, while monitoring social distancing.

Socialtec is a derivative product of Horustec  that evolves to adapt to the new circumstances that we are facing. By means of beacons, it allows the location of people and the total capacity to be known in real time, within the established area, guaranteeing the peace of mind and safety of the users. Each customer carries a small device that is provided upon entering the establishment. This device alerts you with acoustic and vibrating signals when two users do not comply with social distancing. Devices can be paired for customers who come to the store together.

The Socialtec interface allows you to know the location of the people and the total capacity in real time, being able to record all the activity, in case it is convenient to analyse it later. In addition, this interface can be projected on a screen placed at the entrance of the event to regulate the passage of attendees. You can also incorporate all the information that the person in charge considers appropriate.

Socialtec adapts to any space where it is necessary to control crowds: fairs, events and entire enclosures.