A vehicle anti-collision solution with real-time tracking and alerts for forklifts and other vehicles, so that the company’s efficiency, profitability and safety, as well as production, are not affected.

The vehicles are equipped with positioning beacons and corresponding alarms. The personnel are also equipped with positioning bracelets that allow them to be identified as obstacles.

The system consists of three alarm levels: pre-warning, which alerts the pedestrian; alarm, which activates the devices (sound, light and forklift braking); and interaction range, which allows approaching the forklifts to interact with them, silencing the alarms. The alarm is fully configurable.

It also has the ability to stop or reduce the speed of the forklift if the alarm sounds, acting on the forklifts’ own systems.

Crash Stopper is suitable for both electric and combustion forklifts, for example forklift trucks, retractable forklifts, mechanical forklifts, and so on.

With this anti-collision solution, the risk is zero for personnel, equipment and the vehicle itself within industrial ORP.