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Horustec Events: back to school with event technology from Carttec

To get this term off to a good start, we are presenting event technology from Carttec: Horustec Events. 

At Carttec we sell warehouse trolleys, airport trolleys and retail security technology, among other things, but that’s not all, we also develop systems for event management, like the ones we present to you today.

Carttec event technology: Horustec

Horustec is the name given to the system we have developed for:

  • Traffic management
  • Indoor monitoring

It is a platform that works with the latest UWB (Ultra Wideband) technology, among others, and offers multiple functions ideal for events.

With the return to school, high school, university, work, etc., there also come events: congresses, talks, presentations, on-boarding days, etc., where it is essential for us to control seating capacity.

The ultimate goal of the Horustec systems is to enable you to improve interior layout and space management, among other features.

What is Horustec for?

This cutting-edge event technology locates attendees in real time. In this way we obtain data on their routes and trajectories.

This allows us, for example, to determine the flows, hotspots and peak times at the site.

Horustec offers an application that allows you to do the following:

  • Track how many people are on the site and their position in real time
  • See how long attendees visit for and how long they stay still
  • Anticipate possible crowding in small areas
  • Track cleaning routes by monitoring personnel

Improving the layout of spaces and the user experience is our main objective at Horustec. This application is customisable, so you can get the most out of it.

Some of its features are as follows:

  • Create customisable alerts: if a person stays in the same place for too long, Horustec sends an alert to the person in charge. Also if the number of attendees in a certain area is exceeded or if the battery is running low.
  • Collect data on the users who visit the space (date, time, group and duration), what other spaces they have visited (to understand their interests), colour maps, etc.
  • Collect key information, such as the number of attendees at a global or hallway level.

In addition to Horustec Events, at Carttec we have also developed Horustec Retail, to ensure that all your needs are fully covered.

Event technology is essential to ensure the proper management of venues. Don’t hesitate to contact us to ensure a perfect start to your term.


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