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Always at the forefront of innovation, always competitive

At Carttec, we are aware of the effort it takes to stay competitive and respond to changing consumer needs and preferences, that is why we remain at the forefront of innovation.

How do we stay at the forefront of innovation?

These are some of the innovative strategies that supermarkets have found essential in order to attract consumers, improve their shopping experience and, of course, increase sales.

  1. Improved shopping experience: supermarkets are constantly looking for new ways to improve the shopping experience of their customers. This objective has led them to create attractive, well-organized and aesthetically pleasing spaces. The implementation of technological, innovative and inclusive shopping trolleys is another key part of this strategy. JuliusTEC is a clear example of this.
  2. Technology and data analysis: through the use of technology and the exploitation of the data it provides, supermarkets have at their disposal systems that allow them to exponentially improve each customer’s shopping experience. Horustec Retail is a clear exponent of this trend. Thanks to the detailed analysis of the data provided by Horustec Retail, supermarkets can identify critical points in the customer flow and make changes to optimize, for example, the waiting time at the checkout. In this way they can make adjustments in staff allocation or improvements in product layout, making it easier for the customer to make a purchase.
  3. Loyalty and rewards programmes: many supermarkets have implemented loyalty programmes to reward their regular customers. These programmes offer exclusive discounts, points that can be accumulated and rewards for recurring purchases.
  4. Digital marketing and social networks: supermarkets are taking advantage of the direct communication possibilities provided by digital platforms and social media to promote their products and reach a much wider audience.
  5. Environmentally friendly approach: In response to the growing demand for healthy and sustainable products, supermarkets are expanding their offerings to include a wide variety of options that promote a healthy lifestyle and which are environmentally friendly. By introducing the Delivery Box solution in their logistics centers, they avoid the massive use of plastic and cardboard contributing efficiently to environmental sustainability.

Always paying the right attention to the changing needs and preferences of customers is essential to be and stay at the forefront of innovation in the retail sector. 

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.