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Cart Manager: the most efficient trolley collector

A trolley collector is the ultimate tool to optimize the activity of your business, whether it be retail, hotels, airports, etc. In this article we explain how this system works and why you need it.

How many shopping trolleys may be collected on a daily basis? A great amount. In some cases, maybe even hundreds. What kind of savings in time, money and personnel do you think Cart Manager could offer?


Trolley collector: what is it?

It is a trolley collection vehicle that allows employees more time to spend on other tasks, while also avoiding possible sick leave due to accidents.

Cart Manager is a device that moves rows of trolleys up to 700 kg with little effort for the operator. We achieve this by using state-of-the-art technology that also provides the necessary safety for users and customers.

The main features of this trolley collector are as follows:

  • Simple command control: buttons include icons to make the system more user-friendly
  • It comes with a compartment for the control unit, for convenient storage
  • It has a headlamp, brake light and acoustic warning to prevent accidents
  • It is robust and solid, so you can also use it in rainy and snowy conditions
  • Collection time is significantly reduced thanks to this vehicle
  • Its 3 batteries are long-lasting: on a single charge they can run for up to 12 hours
  • The emergency stop button on the manual controller and the control knob ensure safety in the event of an obstacle
  • Its powerful engine allows it to handle large and heavy trolleys without great effort


Benefits of Cart Manager for your company

Let’s think about your business: over the course of a single day, how many trolleys are used? And what percentage of those carts are returned by customers to your site after use?

The most common practice when we go shopping is to take a trolley from the trolley shelter at the entrance of the establishment and leave it abandoned anywhere in the car park.

It is very inconvenient for customers to have to go all over the shop to find a trolley, and it also leaves a bad image of the company.

For all these reasons, Cart Manager, the trolley collector system, is the ultimate tool you need to optimize your business.


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