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Makro boosts efficiency in its shops and once again relies on Carttec’s Trolley Manager

Makro has once again placed its trust in Carttec’s Trolley Manager, reaffirming its commitment to occupational safety and operational excellence.

A year ago, Makro Alcobendas successfully implemented this trolley collector, improving the experience of its employees and customers.

Why has Makro trusted Carttec’s Cart Manager?

The implementation of this innovative system has optimised Makro’s daily operations, focusing on

  • worker safety
  • customer service
  • commercial efficiency

The decision to extend this success to its Zaragoza site highlights the positive impact of this equipment on the company’s performance expectations.

As a leading wholesale distribution company for the hospitality industry, Makro has set itself ambitious goals, including being the number one benchmark in safety and occupational risk prevention. 

This commitment is reflected in the choice of solutions such as the Trolley Manager, solutions which improve operational efficiency and prioritise the protection and well-being of employees.

The same vision and the same philosophy

Both companies share Makro’s vision regarding growth and speed of action as the cornerstones of success. 

The philosophy that “growth is our focus, speed matters, results count” aligns with Carttec’s determination to act nimbly to meet the needs of the market.

Makro understands the expectations of its customers and continually seeks to exceed them. 

The partnership with Carttec underscores a commitment to safety and efficiency, and highlights strategic alignment in the pursuit of operational excellence and customer service.

Makro’s decision to implement the Trolley Manager in more locations strengthens its position as a leader in its sector and underlines its dedication to occupational safety and customer satisfaction. 

This partnership continues to be a model for the industry, demonstrating how innovation and collaboration drive long-term business success.