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These are Carttec’s retail security systems

A satisfying and convenient retail experience is thanks to Carttec’s retail security systems. Today we explain what they are and the benefits you will enjoy thanks to them. 

Our designs are designed to optimise shopping for both the user and the employer. An anti-theft wheel for supermarket trolleys, a wireless trolley control system or a trolley locking system are some of the products in our catalogue. 

What retail security systems are available? 

As buyers, we are not always aware of the losses caused by theft. The systems we are talking about today make it possible to nullify these losses. Moreover, given their effectiveness, the return on investment is significantly quicker. 

Effective control of the environment results in a safe, smooth and efficient experience. Do you want to know how we achieve this? 

These are the security systems we have created at Carttec: 

  • SmartWheel 2.0: the wheel that prevents theft in supermarkets. It is a security system that blocks the wheel when the trolley leaves the defined area. This prevents the theft of the trolley itself and the products on sale. 

  • Cartcontrol: what this system does is to create an invisible barrier that blocks the trolleys to prevent theft. It is the ideal solution to prevent trolleys from leaving the shopping area. 

  • Purcheck: what we achieve with this security system is to prevent the exit of trolleys that have not passed through the checkout. Purcheck receives a customer’s access authorisation to the shop and when the customer passes through the checkout, after paying for his purchase, the wheels receive the exit authorisation. The customer is never aware that the system is in operation. It is perfect because it is silent, avoids confrontation between thief and staff, records the attempted theft and reduces shrinkage. 
  • Cartcontrol wireless: the wireless antenna sends a signal to the SmartWheel smart wheels when they are reaching the limit of the protected area. When this happens, they gradually start to stop until they are completely immobilised. The locked wheels are unlocked via the handheld remote control or by pulling the trolley into an unrestricted area. 

  • CartKey: This is a Cartcontrol and Purcheck compatible control unit. With it, workers can control the digital signals that lock and unlock the trolleys. The system is equipped with a long-life lithium battery and is shock and water resistant. With CartKey, security and control are in your hands.


Carttec’s retail security systems are the result of research into sales process and customer needs. In this way we are able to design and develop equipment that, thanks to technology, facilitates the activity of shops and supermarkets. 


Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.