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Control the flow of people at an event thanks to Carttec

If you are an event organiser, you probably need to control the flow of people at the event in question. At Carttec we design solutions to make your work easier.

If you have come this far looking for shopping trolley safety systems: no, you are not in the wrong place. At Carttec we cover retail, healthcare, airports, industry and events. We design solutions to improve logistics in all of them.


How to control the flow of people at an event

As we were saying, at Carttec we work to help you control the capacity of an event, but what do we mean by capacity?

  • It is the maximum number of people who can access a certain place, or a certain area. 
  • The aim is to prevent further access to these spaces when they are already full.

Keeping this under control is very important for several reasons. 

In our company we attach great importance to safety in all areas: events, health and social care, retail… That is why we work to create devices and systems that contribute to generate that safety in your business.

So why is it important to control the turnout at an event?

  • Because it increases and guarantees the safety of such an event
  • It enables you to know the number of people on the site in real time
  • It avoids overcrowding
  • It secures the safety measures already in place
  • It enables you to obtain attendance data in order to improve future events
  • It enables safety flaws to be identified and remedied


What is the capacity of my event?

Each venue or space has a maximum authorised capacity. This depends on:

  • The type of activity
  • The layout of the premises

This information can be found in the business licence of the premises. Usually, this data is controlled by the Fire Department of each city, as the document consulted by the engineer who manages the opening licenses of the premises is the:

  • Documento Básico de Seguridad en caso de incendio del Ministerio de Fomento (Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Transport Basic Safety Document in case of fire)

To control it, Carttec offers you a very useful and efficient system:

  • Control cameras that are placed over the entrances to the space
  • Their location is high up
  • Synchronously, they calculate the number of people who enter the premises and deduct those who leave
  • This device sends the information to outdoor displays that indicate whether or not it is possible to enter
  • This is determined according to the registered inflow and the existing capacity limitation
  • The user will see a traffic light on the screen indicating, in green or red, whether he/she can access the event space
  • The system also produces traffic statistics detailing entry, exit and time reference


If you organise events and would like to know more about the flow of people at an event control systems, do not hesitate to contact us.