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Carttec revolutionises supermarket trolley shelters and islands

Shopping trolleys are critical to a smooth and convenient shopping experience for consumers, so it is imperative that they be protected, clean and accessible to customers at all times.

Until now, trolley shelters and islands could be customised both in size and with the company’s corporate colours. Carttec has now gone a step further. It designs and manufactures ad hoc trolley shelters for its customers. It can customise not only colours but structures, creating unique spaces that help to identify and reinforce the image of the commercial brand.

All trolley shelters manufactured by Carttec are characterised by very solid structures painted in epoxy polyester and their resistance to weathering is very high, guaranteeing the best possible safekeeping of trolleys outside the establishment.

With Carttec’s trolley shelters and islands, the results are immediate and evident: better protected trolleys and more satisfied customers, with very high awareness of the establishment’s brand.

Carttec: innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.