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Makro improves its customer service with Cart Manager trolley collectors

Makro, the leading wholesale distribution company for the hospitality industry, reiterating its goal of integrating solutions to improve the shopping experience for its customers, has acquired several Carttec Cart Manager devices for the collection and organisation of shopping trolleys at its Alcobendas centre.

These collectors are specially designed to collect and transport large quantities of trolleys efficiently and safely. With them, the collection staff can carry out their work faster and more efficiently, leading to a substantial reduction in customer waiting times.

The Cart Manager Revolution

Cart Manager uses specific, state-of-the-art technology to move rows of trolleys, up to approximately 700kg, with hardly any effort. This provides greater optimisation of trolley handling times, resulting in benefits for staff, reducing their effort, and is convenient for customers, who always have the trolleys available. These benefits were essential to Makro´s purchase decision.

Cart Manager is a solid and functional work tool. Key to its efficient operation are the wheels, which are adapted to move the trolleys over any type of surface and in any weather conditions, such as rain or snow. In addition, it has all the necessary safety features such as a light, alarm and even a stop button.

Makro Alcobendas relies on Carttec and Cart Manager, a winning resource for workers and for the shop.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.