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Passenger comfort: a priority for airports

In a society increasingly on the move, airports have become familiar places, with a massive number of people passing through them every day. This requires them to keep up to date and safe, but also to seek maximum comfort for the passengers transiting through.

At Carttec we design and manufacture all kinds of distinctive solutions for various areas of the airport. Our work can therefore be seen in all kinds of luggage trolleys, children’s trolleys, collectors, seats and even access and waiting areas. Likewise, we also provide all our customers with state-of-the-art solutions for the modern and correct management and maintenance of all airport trolleys. What more could you ask for?

Today, the primary role of airports is still to connect cities and countries, offering destinations to citizens. However, beyond that, they need to deliver a superior travel experience. Among other things, this means being prepared to meet all the needs and comforts of users.

The importance of passenger comfort at airports

This concern for passenger comfort goes back a long way, although we must not deny that it has been accentuated in the post-pandemic era. Travellers now want more comfort on their flights, but also in airport entrances, waiting areas, cafés and likewise for internal mobility. The upheaval during the Covid-19 era has led us to this situation. We do not want inconvenience, disruption or hassle.

It should be borne in mind that this is a global effort. It starts from the moment you first set foot in the airport and ends when the plane has left the runway. Throughout this journey, the use of appropriate solutions should be encouraged.

Thus, a wide range of options needs to be provided. Whether we are talking about lugging our bags to the check-in area or sitting in front of our boarding gate waiting for our flight to depart.

Similarly, part of passenger comfort will be linked to passenger safety. That’s why we at Carttec have also developed suitable solutions for correctly managing access and waiting areas, reducing crowds and simplifying queues and waiting times.

For us, as it is for the vast majority of airports, comfort is already a top priority. Improving the travellers’ experience will allow them to complete their journeys with a greater desire to repeat their experience, continue to see the world and  acquire new experiences.