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Error-free order picking is now a reality with Carttec PICKING

At Carttec, we are in luck! We are going to Euroshop, one more edition! And we do so to present our most innovative products, the most technologically advanced, the ones that are going to revolutionise the world of retail: PICKING.

On this occasion, we unveil another of the products that will be talked about at the fair, a technological development of our R&D&I laboratory, CarttecLAB, to facilitate the preparation of orders in the warehouse, thus gaining efficiency, precision and safety.

We live in an increasingly technological world and companies in the retail sector must be prepared for the high volume of online orders they have to handle on a daily basis.

Have you heard of PICKING?

It is our system for identifying errors in the preparation of complex orders, a system that will not go unnoticed in the retail world because it is designed to make your work easier, increasing your profitability. Fewer errors means fewer returns and that means lower costs.

At Carttec, we know that in order to gain a customer’s trust and loyalty, it is essential to provide an excellent service and this includes, in particular, the correct delivery of the products that the consumer has ordered.

PICKING is a simple but visually infallible method of identification. With it we will be able to prevent and avoid errors that frequently arise in the preparation of online orders. Its fully customisable colour code will show the operator where to place each product correctly without the possibility of making an unintentional mistake.

The system is designed to be installed on a customised trolley and adapted to the needs of each customer: size, number of orders to be placed simultaneously, space for the preparation of orders, etc.

This is the essential tool for ensuring that recipients receive their order in the best conditions and with total satisfaction, thus consolidating the consumer’s trust in your business and loyalty to your brand.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.