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Carttec Hygiene, reduces the risk of Coronavirus infection in the supermarket

Recently, Harvard University’s School of Public Health published an article that states “The greatest risk of catching viruses when shopping is by touching the shopping cart or basket” and recommends “Use disinfectant wipes … to clean all surfaces of the cart or basket you touch. Immediately afterwards throw away the wipe … use hand sanitising gel …”

Being aware of the arising need due to the global COVID 19 pandemic, Carttec’s R&D department has developed a range of dispensers to help the customers from your supermarket to strictly comply with the safety recommendations, which are also EU Certified.

Currently, we have put three products from this range on the market:

HANDSTEC: The most complete in the range. It consists of a tower integrating a disinfectant wipe dispenser or/and plastic gloves, an automatic “hands free” antiseptic gel dispenser as well as a container for the disposal of wipes or gloves that is very easy to empty. Additionally, it is supplied ready to use, does not require an electrical outlet connection and has inside storage space for the necessary spare parts.

CLEARTEC: Disinfectant wet wipe and gloves dispenser. The wipes remove 99.9% of bacteria and are skin-friendly, even when used frequently. This model, which stands out for its simplicity and robustness, can be placed both in the cart parking bays and inside the supermarket, always out of reach of children.

WIPETEC: With capacity for about 1,000 disinfectant wipes or plastic gloves, will help creating an effective barrier against viruses and bacteria in your establishment. Its height provides convenience of use for customers and integrates a waste container at the bottom. Its maintenance, both for the replacement of wipes or gloves and emptying waste, is very simple and quick.

The establishment’s corporate identity can be displayed in all of them thus conveying the concern for the customer’s health and well-being.

Together we can stop the spread of the virus.