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What does the process of loading luggage onto a plane involve?

Loading suitcases onto a plane is a task that arouses a lot of curiosity. Where does the luggage go when we check it in?

At Carttec we design technology to facilitate the work of staff in many sectors. One of them is aviation, for which we have created a wide variety of trolleys, a trolley collector, benches… Today we will explain how luggage is loaded on a plane and which of our technologies take part in it.


Loading the luggage onto the plane: How is it done?

When we arrive at the check-in counters and drop off our suitcase, the ground staff will place a label on it, stating the

  • Destination
  • Flight number
  • Company
  • Passenger to which it belongs

Once the luggage is tagged, it goes through a security check. Here, X-rays are used to check that there is nothing dangerous inside the suitcases.

If the luggage has been passed through the checkpoint, it will begin a journey through the airport until it reaches its destination, and this is where Carttec’s technology comes in.

In airports, time is limited, you have to work against the clock with very tight deadlines, without any loss in efficiency. It sounds complicated, and indeed it is, which is why at Carttec we work to optimise and simplify these processes.

Our luggage has to go from the conveyor belts inside the airport to the hold of the aircraft. Think that, while you are embarking, your bags are also embarking and it has to be fast.

The operators in charge of loading and unloading luggage use special trolleys to transport it. Carttec’s rampside trolleys are designed to make the process smooth and efficient:

  • They have large and stable ramps
  • They are easy to handle
  • They are highly resistant thanks to their steel body and frame
  • They are fitted with natural rubber tyres for improved mobility and weather adaptability

As ideal situations do not always occur, we must bear in mind that these trolleys must be able to move easily on asphalt in all conditions.

With a commitment to continuously improving airport processes, Carttec stands out for its wide range of solutions that facilitate the work of airport staff, such as loading suitcases onto a plane, and ensuring a good passenger experience.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.