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JuliusCART helps you with shopping: an improved customer experience

Improving the user and worker experience. At Carttec, we strive every day to create new solutions that stand out for their efficiency. Who wants complications when you can count on allies to minimise every effort? Do you want to know how JuliusCART can help you with your shopping or work?

It is not easy to handle a shopping trolley with a lot of things in it. In fact, it can sometimes be quite difficult. But not any more. It is now possible effortless shopping thanks to the technology that we bring you from Carttec.

Because if there is one thing JuliusCART has going for it, it is precisely this, that it enables the minimising of all effort in an incredible way, providing very useful motor assistance when it is most needed: with very heavy and high loads. As you will understand, this is not only aids customers, but also helps workers to move and shift all kinds of loads.

An incredible experience. JuliusCART can help you with your shopping

We have developed JuliusCART with the intention of taking care of you and everyone else. So that going to the supermarket to do the daily or weekly shopping doesn’t become an ordeal. So that young and old can also steer trolleys safely and securely. So that workers can see that their daily workday is made much lighter.

Carttec technology revolutionises supermarkets to create the best possible customer experience. This system works with Cash & Carry trolleys, which are also focused on simplifying the loading and unloading of goods as much as possible. In this way, there will be a reduction in fatigue for both customer and employee, favouring an increase in average shopping basket size and also a jump in efficiency during a working day.

That is precisely why we affirm that JuliusCART can help you with your shopping. We have found that a high load weight hinders a comfortable shopping experience. This causes many users to reduce the number of products they buy for fear of not being able to control the trolley or because it is uncomfortable. With the solution we bring you from Carttec, this is a thing of the past.

JuliusCART offers a motor aid for superior peace of mind and relaxation. What more could you ask for?

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.