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Real-time patient localisation: technology for geriatrics

Technology is a great ally for the geriatric sector, especially in the case of Horustec. This Carttec system enables real-time patient localisation. An ideal tool for health centres, hospitals and nursing homes.

Our goal is to develop technological products that make your activity easier. Retail security systems, solutions for airports, hotel trolleys… We design many products in Carttec for different areas, and in this post we would like to talk about their application in geriatric settings.


Patient localisation, what does it consist of?

Horustec is a registered trademark of Carttec and functions as an indoor system for the management of movement of people. If in the previous post we talked about how useful it is in the case of events, imagine how effective it can be in the social and healthcare environment.

In nursing homes, not all patients are the same and some need extra vigilance. This is the case for people who suffer from temporo-spatial disorders, such as Alzheimer’s patients.

Some of the solutions used for this type of patient are not very effective:

  • Carrying a piece of paper with addresses and contact telephone numbers on it: it is very easy to lose or damage. It may also be that the person does not remember that they have it on them and that there is a need for it.
  • Wearing an identification badge: this is no longer effective when the person does not remember to wear it or does not let others see it. It depends too much on the will of the sick person and not so much on those who find him or her disoriented in the street and want to help.
  • Going out accompanied: this is ideal, of course, but not always possible. 
  • Ask for help: if the person is aware that he/she has become disoriented, he/she can ask for help. However, the patient is often unaware that his or her mind has a different perception of time and space. 

What happens is that these solutions may be appropriate for some people and during early stages, but not for most people. The likelihood of a patient becoming disoriented and something happening to him/her is high. That is why Carttec has developed a patient localisation system that guarantees peace of mind for the patient, the centre’s staff and relatives.


What other aspects does this system cover?

In addition to keeping us informed of where a patient is at all times, our system enables:

  • The recording of the movements of healthcare staff: ensuring that visits to residents are carried out within the permitted times.
  • The localisation of mobile equipment: such as treatment and diagnostic equipment, special beds or mobilisation lifts. These types of devices are constantly changing floors, so they are easier to locate.
  • Unwanted patient movements: this system sends warning signals to the nursing home staff so that they can generate automatic responses such as the locking of doors to prevent a disoriented patient from leaving the premises.

The localisation of patients is extremely useful, as well as guaranteeing optimal safety for staff, patients and relatives. 

If you want to know more about this system, please contact us.


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