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Advantages of aluminium luggage trolleys

Aluminium luggage trolleys are comfortable, light, strong and can be customised. They are the best choice for airports.

When travelling with luggage, pulling a trolley that adds weight and makes it difficult to manoeuvre is very uncomfortable. At Carttec, we design all types of solutions for the sector, from airport benches to electric vehicles.


Why choose aluminium luggage trolleys?

The first reason we can give you, which you will have already guessed, is their lightness. Aluminium is very light because of its low density, its anatomical structure, its low molecular mass and the efficient metallic bonding of its constituent atoms.

This means an absolute increase in comfort for:

  • Travellers carrying suitcases
  • Staff who have to pick, store and handle several trolleys at a time

Other characteristics of aluminium also contribute to this comfort, which make it very valuable and which will be discussed below.


Features and advantages of this type of trolley

  • Corrosion-resistant: as the trolleys can also be found outdoors, this feature is very useful. The resistance of aluminium to environmental conditions is a great advantage.
  • They are highly durable: luggage trolleys are subject to constant wear and tear. Their repeated use requires a tough material that extends their useful service life.
  • They are easy to maintain: ensuring hygiene is crucial in a place where so many people pass through. In addition to being easy to clean, these trolleys are easy to maintain and their aesthetic appearance is maintained for a longer period of time.
  • Ergonomic: thanks to their light weight and ergonomic design, aluminium luggage trolleys are very comfortable and easy to handle.
  • Modern and hygienic appearance: aluminium is a material that is very attractive to the eye. Thanks to their lustre and their design and finishing possibilities, luggage trolleys of this material are a great plus in terms of aesthetics.
  • Recyclable: which contributes to sustainability and the reduction of manufacturing units thanks to recycling. Manufacturing in aluminium allows us to minimise waste and take care of the environment.


Customization of luggage trolleys

Another advantage of the aluminium luggage trolleys is that they can be customized. If we wish to add advertising or corporate colours to the trolley we can do so without difficulty. 

Surviving at the airport when we are nervous and loaded with luggage can seem like an ordeal, but thanks to the solutions we provide at Carttec, the user experience is dramatically improved.

Of course, we also work to solve problems in the retail sector as well as in the health and social care, industrial, hotel and event sectors. Do not hesitate in contacting us to find the solution to your needs.


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