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Come to Carttec and increase your profitability with shopping trolleys

It’s not exactly a ground-breaking revelation to say that increasing business profitability is one of the primary goals of any company. In terms of supermarkets, the tool on which a large part of their profitability is built is the self-service trolley — without this asset the accounts work out badly, or not at all.

Carttec has the widest range of supermarket trolleys of all types: metal, plastic, hybrid, baskets, cash & carry trolleys, and so on — all perfectly adapted to each commercial formula and each type of sale.

At present, the predominant trend is towards plastic trolleys as opposed to traditional metal ones — although the largest trolley fleet in the world is made up of metal units, plastic has burst onto the scene and everything indicates that in a few years’ time, it may replace the current metal shopping trolley.

At Carttec, approximately 95% of the trolleys sold in 2022 were made of plastic.

The preference for the plastic shopping trolley is due to its lightness, achieved through its structure, ergonomics, strength and functionality. The high quality level of the trolleys manufactured by Carttec is internationally recognised.

But they also have other advantages that make them unique — especially for use by the consumer, the end customer — in the shape of their excellent capacity/rolling comfort ratio, making them the consumer’s best friend in the shop.

Their high resistance and durability make them highly valued by retailers, as they are attributes that protect the investment made in them and guarantee a return on it.

At Carttec we have a wide range of products for self-service distribution — in addition to our trolleys of all types, we also have environmentally-friendly baskets to provide an efficient response to small purchases. Its silent wheels and customisable colour options provide added value and are much appreciated by customers.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.