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The difficulty of moving large loads comes to an end

Moving large loads is a chore that diminishes comfort and autonomy when customers are looking to do their shopping efficiently.

The weight and volume of these types of products requires a great deal of effort on the part of shoppers to load them into their trolleys. The shopping experience has to be comfortable, otherwise we risk losing customers. From warehouse trolleys to airport trolleys, at Carttec we work to design models that are ergonomic and manoeuvrable.


Moving large loads is no longer a problem thanks to Carttec

We listen carefully to your needs to design products that solve them. We know how important a pleasant shopping experience is so customers keep coming back. 

In addition to the organisation of the establishment itself, in an intuitive and simple way, it is very important to take into account the ergonomics of the trolleys in order to take care of the health of our public.

Shopping has to be an efficient, fast and convenient process. Carrying bulky and heavy goods impedes the customer’s autonomy and makes the experience unpleasant.

The memory we leave in the consumer’s mind is crucial to ensure their loyalty.


Cash & Carry: functionality and safety

Cash & Carry trolleys help to minimise consumer fatigue and increase the average shopping basket.

We achieve this through their configuration, among other things:

  • One or two central fixed castors
  • This gives them great mobility even on uneven surfaces
  • They are also perfect for transporting large loads

In addition, their construction makes them more comfortable and manageable:

  • High quality carbon steel
  • Electrolytic zinc plating with three layers of acrylic lacquer

Of course, these materials also make the trolleys extremely durable and maintenance-free.


A perfect trolley for customers and workers

Moving large loads becomes easy, light and comfortable thanks to Cash & Carry. This is very convenient for both customers and workers when it comes to collecting trolleys and keeping the shop tidy.

In addition, the handle is customisable, so that corporate colours and even a customised document holder can be added.

The quality of the materials used in the manufacture of these trolleys, the ergonomic and adapted design, and the possibility of customisation, make this product the perfect option for easily moving large loads.

Many large companies count on us to optimise their work and improve their customers’ shopping experience. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the companies that already work with us for their confidence in Carttec and, if yours does not yet do so, we encourage you to work with us. Innovation and quality are just a click away.