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Horustec Socionanitario will attend the Senior Care Summit 2023

The Carttec team is looking forward to seeing you at the Senior Care Summit 2023, a renowned event in the field of health and social care.

This forum provides an exceptional opportunity to explore the latest trends and solutions regarding the care of our elderly, and Carttec will be there to present its innovative Horustec Sociosanitario (Health and Social Care) system.


What is the Senior Care Summit?

The Senior Care Summit brings together leading experts, healthcare professionals, researchers and opinion leaders to address the challenges and opportunities related to the ageing population. 

During this event, topics such as improving the quality of life of the elderly, the most cutting-edge solutions in social, and health care or the influence of technology in the care and support of seniors, will be discussed.

Horustec Sociosanitario, of Carttec, marks a milestone in elderly care technology. This system integrates innovative solutions designed to ensure the safety, well-being and quality of life of residents in specialised centres.

Horustec Sociosanitario enables the real-time tracking and location of both patients and assets, such as mobile devices, creating a more comfortable and safer environment for the elderly.

Carttec’s participation in the Senior Care Summit highlights the company’s commitment to improving care for the elderly and promoting ethics in social and health care. 

Horustec Sociosanitario (socio-healthcare) awaits you at the Senior Care Summit 2023, to help build a brighter future for the care of our elderly people!