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UWB: What is it?

Have you heard of UWB? It stands for Ultra-Wideband and for some time is has been used in Apple, Samsung and Android devices. Carttec is firmly committed to UWB. First, let us explain how it works. Pay attention.

What is clear is that UWB is attracting interest from many industries. Basically, it allows communication between devices over short distances. It could be said that it’s not very different from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but in fact UWB has functionalities that make it a step up.

Recently at HIP we presented Horustec Sociosanitarios, a product developed by CarttecLAB to improve service in healthcare settings by tracking people and assets and so enhance security. The product uses UWB for tracking.

That’s not the only innovation we have launched in the last few weeks. We recently attended Euroshop 2023 in Düsseldorf to officially present Horustec Retail, the best and most complete asset tracking and management system for retail, which also uses UWB. Horustec Retail provides accurate real-time tracking of trolleys and any other assets in supermarkets.

Important things about UWB

Let’s get down to business: What is UWB? UWB uses very high bandwidth of up to 500 MHz for each transmission to connect. That allows it to locate something in space with incredible precision, not only in terms of distance but also relative position.

As you can imagine, this innovation is going to enhance the performance of paired or communicating devices. This is why not only Carttec, but all firms that are active in leisure and communications are moving to adopt UWB.

Something else about UWB is that it can achieve very high transmission speeds, up to several hundred megabits per second. Note, however, that it will slow down as the distance between devices grows, and where the line of sight is obstructed.

The marked shift towards UWB means that it has a very bright future in this area. Ultra-Wideband has the potential to become a common universal technology, much like Bluetooth is today.

For example, beyond mobile phones and smartphones, UWB is already an established feature of all kinds of wearables, laptops, tablets and smart home devices. Now, thanks to Carttec, it will also have a role in social care and healthcare.