You are currently viewing JuliusTEC and JuliusCart are going to Düsseldorf to surprise you!

JuliusTEC and JuliusCart are going to Düsseldorf to surprise you!

Recently we’ve been working on the innovative technology that Carttec is going to take to Euroshop 2023. Finally, the time has come and today we’re unveiling our star products, the products that will revolutionise the retail industry: JuliusTEC and JuliusCart.

First of all, let us present JuliusCART – the supermarket trolley that uses assisted driving. It is now possible to move the biggest shop though the aisles with no effort at all thanks to Carttec. An unbeatable shopping experience for consumers with the most heavily laden trolleys, any shop’s most profitable customers.

JuliusCART is ideal for customers at Cash&Carry and large DIY superstores, where platform trolleys are often used to move heavy items and can be awkward to steer round the store.

As well as a nice, smooth ride, JuliusCART‘s sensors detect obstacles to ensure the safety for customers and the store’s facilities.

But our number one for Euroshop 2023 is JuliusTEC, the autonomous shopping trolley. The only trolley in the world capable of autonomously following someone as they shop This trolley moves with customers who have mobility problems and makes it easier for them to do their daily shopping as well as removing barriers to inclusion of disabled customers.

Like JuliusCART, it has sensors to detect obstacles and people. This line of shopping trolleys can also provide information about a retail environment thanks to its three-dimensional space mapping system.

Click on the link, and learn about JuliusTEC, a true retail revolution destined to divide before from after in the industry.

Discover all the new Carttec products at Euroshop, Stand 11C41. Our team will be pleased to welcome you.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.