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CARTTEC and the value of contact information at events

Horustec goes to the trade fair.

Every exhibitor at a trade fair wants to capture the contact information of its visitors. Active follow-up can provide a return on investment. But could you capture more important information?

With Horustec, Carttec’s event management technology becomes possible. An exhibitor not only has full information about who has visited its stand but also how long each visit lasted, the days the visitor was at the trade fair and the other stands the visitor stopped at.

For the organisers, Horustec provides real-time information on the position of the attendees, collecting data on their routes and trajectories and identifying flows, hot spots and peak times in different areas of the fair site. All that allows improvements to be made to layout and space management, with the ability among other things to monitor numbers of attendees by zones.

All that is possible thanks to the work of Carttec’s R&D department, CarttecLAB. The app uses Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology for real-time location determination to an accuracy of just 10 cm.

If you want to find out about Carttec’s other solutions for events such as attendance monitoring, App, RFID, BLE and Socialtec, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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