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Tips for travelling by plane with children: keep them entertained!

Is this the first time you are going on holiday with your child or children? In that case, you will find these tips we are you going to give you for travelling by plane with children interesting. They may make the difference between an agreeable journey and one full of stress, worry and even the occasional annoyance. Who would want to start any getaway like this?

The first thing you need to know is that for the smallest family members a trip can be a nerve-racking experience. They get excited more easily and it is the parents who have to provide additional peace and quiet. This is especially true when approaching airport checkpoints, at the baggage conveyor or directly inside the aircraft.

The calmer we are, the calmer they will be. On the other hand, if they sense we are nervous or tense, our state of mind may well end up rubbing off on them. To prevent this from happening, we offer you some tips for travelling by plane with children that we are sure will help you. And more than you might think!

Don’t forget these tips when flying with children!

  1. Place value on comfort throughout the journey. This is important for you and your children. Spacious seating, near the toilets, in the aisle in case of unforeseen events… Small decisions that can make all the difference.
  2. Take your time packing your suitcase. This way, you will avoid forgetting anything important.
  3. Time is your ally. One tip for travelling by plane with children we always mention: arrive everywhere early. Ultimately, rushing around can only lead to problems and nervousness.
  4. It is important that they are entertained. Play with them, try to get them to sleep, teach them about the airport… Did you know that Carttec specialises in airport trolleys? We have several stainless steel models that can be used both for hand luggage and for keeping our children entertained as well as safe.
  5. Don’t forget about meals. Try to make sure the smallest family members have eaten before getting on the plane, but not just before boarding. You can always take something light with you in case they get hungry during the flight.
  6. Anticipate unforeseen events. Although it is not always possible to have everything under control, try to foresee what might happen during the trip: sick bags just in case, tissues, a change of clothes, or medicine…

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