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Seasonal strategies in Retail: maximising holiday and seasonal campaigns

In the highly competitive retail sector, the ability to adapt to ever-changing seasonal trends is essential for success. Retail areas around the world are looking to plan attractive campaigns that make the most of specific holidays and seasons. In this context, Carttec’s innovative technology becomes a crucial ally in the planning and execution of these seasonal campaigns.

Carttec, renowned for its focus on innovation, is demonstrating how technology can drive success in seasonal retailing. Its advanced indoor asset management tool, HorusTec, has positioned itself as a valuable solution to help companies prepare for specific holidays and seasons efficiently and effectively.

To successfully capitalise on temporary trends, it is important to plan campaigns that attract consumers and generate sales. In this respect, Carttec is a key partner in providing accurate, real-time data on the location of assets in a store. This allows companies to optimise the layout of products, create themed areas and run seasonal or holiday-specific promotions.

HorusTec, your ally for effective seasonal campaigns

HorusTec is Carttec’s specialised solution for real-time tracking of shopping trolleys and other assets in a retail environment. This makes it possible to know where the assets are at all times, how many are available and how they are being used. With this information, seasonal campaigns can be adapted in an agile manner, ensuring that key products are in the right place at the right time.

In an industry where holidays drive a significant portion of sales, adaptability and efficiency are essential. With its innovative and advanced asset management system, HorusTec, Carttec is helping retail centres to maximise their seasonal efforts, delivering personalised shopping experiences and ensuring that the right products are available in the right place at the right time.

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