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Trolley collectors: winning by collecting

Have you ever stopped to think about how many trolleys a supermarket has? And what about a large surface area? There are many; very many. They probably number in the hundreds. Their importance is beyond doubt, as they make the customers’ visit easier, giving them a pleasant experience. That is why Carttec has developed trolley collectors to facilitate collection and organisation.

If you think about it for just a moment, you can realise that, in the course of one day, there are very many trolleys in use. Each customer uses them as they need them, but they rarely deposit them where they found them, do they? It is very common to pick it up at the entrance of the supermarket and leave it in the car park, for example.

These establishments are obliged to facilitate shopping for all visitors. In addition to offering quality and varied products, we also have to think about other conveniences that we don’t tend to notice at first hand, but which, if they were to disappear, would be noticed for the worse. And a lot. Can you imagine having to roam around the whole area of the site looking for a trolley? Wouldn’t it be very inconvenient?

At Carttec, we have developed really useful trolley pickers

Not only do we offer truly effective supermarket security solutions, we also invest in proposing solutions to make everyday life much easier for customers and employees. Thus, one of the most burdensome and thankless activities is to collect and organise all the trolleys. Fortunately, with the options we offer you, this will become quick and easy.

Thus, we offer you two solutions:

  • Scooter Cart. This is a modern vehicle that offers a safe and comfortable ride. It has a control panel on the handle, horn, warning lights, turn indicators. In addition, the handle, armrest and headrest are fully adjustable. It is fully effective and improves the working day, allowing quick and safe trolley collection without the risk of incidents.
  • Cart Manager. The second of the trolley pickers that we offer you is Cart Manager, a device that uses the most advanced technology to be able to move rows of trolleys of up to 700 kilograms with hardly any effort for the operator. It provides solidity, robustness and easy and effortless movement. It also has all the safety features you may need.

You know, thanks to Carttec, trolley rotation will be improved day after day. The workers in charge will save valuable time that can be spent on other tasks in the supermarket itself. What more could you ask for?

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.