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Tips to create waiting areas

Airports, health centers, public organizations… All these places need pleasant and comfortable waiting areas for users. We provide you with some simple tips to create them.

In our catalog you will find practical solutions for these areas. One of them is airport benches, available in different finishes and colors so that you can combine them with the corporate identity of your business.


How to create waiting areas?

We generally don’t like to wait. Impatience is inherent to human beings and can work against us on many occasions. Airports and social health centers are the main recipients of the solutions that we present to you in this article.

In order to turn waiting into a pleasant process, creating a pleasant and comfortable area is essential.

Today we provide you with some simple tips to achieve the space you need:

  • Clear and organize: messy or dirty spaces cause stress. If we want users to feel comfortable, we must pay special attention to the cleanliness and organization of the waiting area.
  • Appropriate furniture: this is the most important thing if we want the public to remain calm. Imagine being nervous because the waiting time is getting longer and, furthermore, having to spend it in an uncomfortable place. This will increase nervousness and can lead to tense situations. Avoiding this is as simple as incorporating the appropriate furniture. We recommend that you place each element in the way that best guarantees the privacy of users. To do this you can create different zones and use separating elements.
  • Provide entertainment: magazines, televisions, internet connection… There are many options we have so that the user does not get bored, relieves stress and time passes faster. Our recommendation is that you incorporate charging stations so that the public can recharge the battery of their devices.
  • Use the walls to provide information: especially if the waiting area is small. The walls allow us to post signs with practical instructions about where users are. A device that displays wait times is also very useful. What we hate most about waiting is not knowing how long we will have to do it, with this board we eliminate this lack of knowledge.
  • Watch the lighting: too cold light does not help you relax. If you want your visitors to be comfortable, replace it with warm light. If it is possible to do without artificial light because there is good natural lighting, even better.
  • Background music: depending on the place where the waiting area is going to be placed, it will be appropriate to play music or not. If you do, always opt for a low volume and calm, relaxing melodies. The same thing happens if you incorporate a television, you must make sure that the volume is low or even muted.


In summary, to create comfortable and pleasant waiting areas, the most important thing is to incorporate appropriate furniture and keep it cared for and clean. If you want to have the ideal solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.