You are currently viewing Carttec is awarded the prize for Specialised Services given annually by “El Suplemento”

Carttec is awarded the prize for Specialised Services given annually by “El Suplemento”

On Thursday, May 19th, 2022, El Suplemento awarded Carttec the specialised services prize at the XI Edition of its National Gala. The well-attended event was held at The Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid.

The main mission of El Suplemento is to transform the effectiveness of communication and dissemination tools, with the aim of increasing the visibility of the award winners and their projects, as well as creating an ideal environment for networking and the exchange of ideas.

An essential objective of these awards is to facilitate the inclusion and dissemination of the work, projects and ideas of the professionals who work every day so that we can look to the future with hope. A task that is not always easy for the founders of El Suplemento, Antonio Queijeiro and Pablo Suñer, who want to ensure, through this project, that the national media echo the entrepreneurial talent we have within our borders.

This recognition is an honour for Carttec as, since 2007, the year of the company’s creation, its growth has been significant. It started with supermarkets, then continued with airports and hotels. Finally, it entered the field of technology, creating Cartteclab, its R&D&I unit which, together with the University of Salamanca, has made this possible.

Cartteclab has created technological solutions for all types of sectors, such as retail, airport and hotel, as well as for events, healthcare and industry. At Carttec, we are committed to innovation and strive to improve day by day, creating solutions for those who need them most.